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Our Company

Cenko mounts is a manufacture providing the exciting CE products to support customers’ digital lifestyle. We offer a wide range of mounting solutions products for the office ,home and audio visual market. All of our products are designed to make it easier for anyone to achieve a professional level setup.

Our Staff

Cenko Mounts employs a strong R&D team which includes 2 Dr. Engineer , 6 engineers and 2 designers ,also each team member represents a consumer, and no one would be satisfied designing a product that themselves wouldn’t enjoy it . With years of experience technical capacity building ,Cenko mounts is made up of passionate people which including sales ,product development and engineering.

Our Commitment

Where most companies only promise superior customer service, we deliver it. And you can always talk to us because we promise to be the very best listeners we can for you, viewing the performance from the designing scheme to sales ,careful and considerate to your every detail to meet the professional requirements of your finest. We wish to make progress and growing together with you !